Metro principal monitors son’s driving with GPS

Metro principal monitors son's driving with GPS (Image 1)

Hunters Lane High School Principal Dr. Susan Kessler keeps a close eye on her son's driving with a special GPS system that keeps track of his speed and location.

“Currently I have it set so it text messages me anytime he goes over 30 miles an hour,” Dr. Kessler said of the system installed in her son Brad's Dodge Ram truck.  “It tells me the location [and] it tells me the speed he's going.”

Dr. Kessler told Nashville's News 2 the decision to use a GPS device came from her role as a school principal.

“After 19 years I've been watching all sorts of things happen with teen drivers and I knew how important it was that they remain supervised,” she said.

“What we know is the leading cause of death among kids under the age of 25 is motor vehicle accidents and speed is a huge part of what causes fatalities,” Kessler continued.  “Eleven teenagers die every day in our country because of driving accidents.”

Brad has driven with the GPS device under the steering column of his truck since the day he turned 16.

He's 18 now and a volunteer firefighter for the Arrington community in Williamson County.  He's also a student at Western Kentucky and drives to and from school often.

“Growing up, when you first turn 16, it takes a little bit of spirit out of your wind,” Brad said.  “It became the normal for me as I grew up and I got over it and realized it actually helped me out in the long run, probably saved me from a couple of bad wrecks.”

The GPS tracking device costs around $250 and monthly service charges cost $30.

Dr. Kessler says it is the best money she spends each month.

She said, “When kids know their parents are supervising they make better decisions.”

Kessler's decision to track her son's driving will be the discussion in an episode of the Steve Harvey Show later this week.

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