Lafayette Police Chief Ray Amalfitano resigns amid investigation

LAFAYETTE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nashville’s News 2 Investigates has learned that the Lafayette Police Chief Ray Amalfitano has resigned effective Friday.

Mayor Richard Driver told Nashville’s News 2 Investigates Amalfitano “resigned on his own,” adding, “It was best for him and the police department.”

Driver says he has yet to choose Amalfitano’s replacement.

Amalfitano has been with the department for about 12 years but has only served as chief for approximately a year.

The resignation comes in the wake of a TBI and district attorney’s office investigation into an alleged beating involving a handcuffed prisoner.

District Attorney Tommy Thompson says the investigation centers around Keith Pippin, who was arrested on drunk and disorderly charges.

According to Thompson, Pippin arrived at the Macon County jail in April with what prosecutors say were injuries consistent with a beating.

Thompson said neither the suspect nor the chief filed a report regarding the alleged incident and the TBI was asked to investigate.

The TBI says the investigation is still ongoing.

“It’s a bunch of rumors being spread around,” Amalfitano told Nashville’s News 2 Investigates over the phone.  “I actually asked for them to look into this.  As far as I know, nothing has been found.  It’s just a bunch of small town rumors.”

Amalfitano said he planned to resign next month because of his recent marriage.

“I [was] going to resign,” he said. “I recently remarried and my wife is from Murfreesboro and she is not used to living in a small town.”

Thompson says the matter is still under investigation and depending on what the TBI investigation yields, could be sent to the grand jury.

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