Williamson County schools face continuing growth

Williamson County schools face continuing growth (Image 1)

Williamson County's newest school is nearly at maximum capacity, just one year after being built.

Clovercroft Elementary School opened in 2011. The maximum number of students it can accommodate is 890. As of August 2012, 740 students were enrolled in the school.

“We plan for it [growth] but you never know how quickly it's going to take off because we've had a sluggish economy for the last couple of years,” Director of Schools Dr. Mike Looney told Nashville's News 2.

The growth can be attributed to a number of new housing developments being built around the school.

“Developers find properties around a school and housing construction just takes off,” Dr. Looney added.

The reputation of Williamson County schools is another selling point for families moving to the area.

“The schools in Williamson County are very reputable so that was a big factor in deciding to move here,” Allison Martin told Nashville's News 2.

The Martin family moved to Williamson County from Kansas two years ago and has two children at Clovercroft Elementary School.

As more housing developments are built and as people move to the area, the school district is addressing the rapid growth.

“We're responding by beginning to plan for another elementary school in the north eastern part of the county,” Dr. Looney said. “We're hoping to close [escrow] on a piece of property within the next two weeks and that piece of property will accommodate two separate schools.”

The two new schools would be at Nolensville and Williams Road and are still years away.

Currently, there are nearly 33,000 students in the school district which is up about 1,000 from last year.

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