New Orleans native finds success in Nashville with cupcake shop

New Orleans native finds success in Nashville with cupcake shop (Image 1)

A New Orleans native has quickly found success in Nashville with her unique cupcake shop.

Blue Velvet Gourmet Cupcakes opened its doors in March with Tamira Dampeer behind the icing.

Dampeer said she left her hometown in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina struck.

Her business partner, Juan Edgerton, also lived in New Orleans at the time. He owned a business on Canal Street and showed Nashville News 2 a picture of the business after the storm.

“See the watermark here, where water had stayed at about two to three feet for two to three weeks,” Edgerton said.

“My dad was able to go back and see what I was able to accomplish in New Orleans and everything I worked for, so it was tough,” he added.

From buckled floors and moldy walls, only a few paintings by a local artist were salvaged. Painted the same year as Hurricane Katrina, they now hang at Blue Velvet as a reminder of what was.

An even more frightening reminder was Hurricane Isaac, bearing down over the Gulf Coast, nearly the same as it was seven years ago.

Dampeer's family remains in the Gulf Coast area. She said her concern for them lead her to action.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Blue Velvet Gourmet Cupcakes donated a portion of sale proceeds to those in need after Hurricane Isaac.

Dampeer and Edgerton were unexpectedly rewarded for their efforts.

After shopping at a neighboring store, New Orleans Saints Pierre Thomas, Lance Moore, Courtney Roby, Darren Sproles and Mark Ingram stopped by for cupcakes.

“I was so excited just to see them come in and get cupcakes, and they were just like little kids,” said Dampeer.

“This is my team! I felt like I was in New Orleans,” added Edgerton.

Blue Velvet Gourmet Cupcakes is located on Bell Road in Antioch in the Corner Shopping Center near Hickory Hollow Mall.

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