MDHA high rise buildings to go smoke free

Beginning on Saturday, residents at seven Metro high rises will no longer be allowed to smoke in their homes.

The properties, managed by the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency provide housing for elderly and disabled people, include Hadley Park Towers, Vine Hill Towers, Madison Towers, Parthenon Towers, Carleen Batson Waller Manor, Gernert Studio Apartments and Edgefield Manor Apartments.

The move comes after an 18 month tenant education program.

“For the majority of our residents, this is not a major change,” said Phil Ryan, executive director, MDHA. “The reason we're taking this action because each year, more than 40,000 in the U.S. people die from symptoms resulting from exposure to secondhand smoke. Our elderly and disabled residents are especially vulnerable and we need to take this step to provide a safe, healthy living environment.”

Residents will only be able to smoke in designated areas outside of the building.

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