Little League champs interviewed by classmates

Little League champs interviewed by classmates (Image 1)

Student reporters tossed questions at two players from the Goodlettsville Little League All Star team on Thursday at T.W. Hunter Middle School.

Jonathan Seals and Seth Marlin attend the school and in front of a packed gymnasium, they answered questions for the school's newspaper and broadcast media regarding their recent trip to the Little League World Series.  

Following the interview, Nashville's News 2 spoke with Jonathan who said he enjoyed answering his classmates' questions.

“This was amazing, everyone coming [and] screaming.” He said. “The questions were fun.”

Principal Ahmed White told Nashville's News 2 that both Seth and Jonathan haven't let the championship and constant attention go to their heads.

“I think they've gotten a little bit extra attention, but they've been good guys,” he said. “They're still hanging out with their friends. I was watching them at lunch their first day back, they were just sitting there cracking jokes with their buddies.”

The boys were greeted by cheering students when they returned to school on Tuesday following their extended stay in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

“It's kind of cool because I've known those two since they were little, and Jonathan is my neighbor and they're great guys,” classmate Jordyn Stumpf said. “Everyone wants to be their friend. You know talk to them, hang out with them. I don't really think it's changed them, I think it's changed how others view them.”

On Thursday night, Vanderbilt University honored the team during half time of their first game of the season.

The Nashville Sounds are celebrating and honoring the the Goodlettsville Little League U.S. Champions during Saturday's game against the Memphis Redbirds at Greer Stadium on Saturday.

On September 8, the city of Goodlettsville will host a championship celebration for the team in honor of their hard work.

The event will be held at Moss-Wright Park.

Additional details will be released in upcoming days.

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