81-year-old woman’s dream to fly plane granted

81-year-old woman’s dream to fly plane granted (Image 1)

An 81-year-old Sumner County woman's wish of flying a plane one more time was granted on Wednesday afternoon.

Rosemary Stagg, a former school teacher and licensed pilot, told Nashville's News 2 she had not been in the cockpit of an airplane for decades.

With some assistance from GTO Aviation pilot Michael Rose, Stagg climbed into a Cessna 172 and prepared for takeoff at the Sumner County Regional Airport.

“I'm about to get a good taste of flying which I haven't had the opportunity to do in a long while,” Stagg said before departure.

Bobby Adkins of Emeritus Senior Living Center arranged for the special flight after hearing from Stagg about her long-ago flying experiences.

When Adkins told Stagg that her dream of flight would soon come true, Stagg was ecstatic.

“You would've thought it was the Griswold's Christmas all over again, her face lit up and said, 'I can really do that?'” Adkins recalled.

Stagg took the controls at times during her one-hour flight, circling the Sumner County airport several times and even flying over her home at Emeritus Senior Living Center in Gallatin.

After landing, Rose presented her with a pilot's log book of her very own.

“I'd fly with her again any time,” he said.

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