Celebration not over for Goodlettsville Little Leaguers

Celebration not over for Goodlettsville Little Leaguers (Image 1)

For the most part life is back to normal for the U.S. Champion Goodlettsville Little League team after a whirlwind of national attention but they are continuing to be honored around Middle Tennessee.

Vanderbilt University will honor the team at half time of their first game of the season Thursday night.

Some of the boys' schools are also showing how proud they are of the team. Two of the players, Collin O'Berry and Andrew Snyder, attend St. Joseph's Catholic School in Madison.

The school held a pep rally for their student athletes Tuesday afternoon.

“To have our whole school here and just to be clapping and yelling for us, it's such an honor,” Snyder said.

During the pep rally O'Berry and Snyder spoke on the once-in-a-life-time experience.

“Our first game on ESPN I was kind of nervous, but all the rest of them were just like another game because we got used to the camera's being there,” Snyder said.

He added, “All the support we had back home and that I didn't really know about because I haven't been home in a month. So it's hit me, it's still unbelievable.”

Both boys said the excitement surrounding their U.S. Championship win has yet to sink in.

“It really hasn't sunk into me yet that we just won the U.S. Championship,” O'Berry said. “I guess over the next few days it will sink in and I'll wake up one morning and be like, ‘Wow! I just did something pretty awesome.'”

On September 8, the city of Goodlettsville will host a championship celebration for the team in honor of their hard work.

The event will be held at Moss-Wright Park.

Additional details will be released in upcoming days.

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