3 apps proven to have educational value

3 apps proven to have educational value (Image 1)

Educational games have always been a hit with kids, but today those games are a lot different than they used to be.

Some games are harder than others. Still, though, people love a good challenge. There are three new apps that are not only difficult to master, but also a lot of fun to play.

For preschoolers, there's 1-2-3 Play. Simple directions guide their little fingers to draw circles and squares and play with letters and numbers and shapes. There's music and lots of animations.

Play 1-2-3 is in high-def, so the graphics are impressive. It would be hard for any toddler to turn away from this one.

For youngsters, Toy Story is a good game. Kids can read the story of Andy, Woody and Buzz, or listen to someone read it.

The graphics are colorful and there's movement to hold their attention. There are games, coloring books and original music and video from the movie. This app is proven to help young children with reading and comprehension.

For older kids, NASA has an app called Rocket Science 101. There are three levels, getting increasingly difficult with each 'stage'.

It teaches the different parts of a rocket, has information on what each rocket has achieved, and then teaches you how all the parts fit together. Then, it goes a step further, telling the users the science behind rocket science and you can shoot the rockets you build.

The app is designed for middle-schoolers, but isn't too difficult for kids in elementary school.

For high school and up, there's Amazing Alex. Made by the company who gave us Angry Birds, Amazing Alex uses logical thinking to move objects from one place to another.

Like Angry Birds, Amazing Alex is addicting, not just for kids but grown ups too.

The best part of all, unlike the games at the fair, all of the apps mentioned above are free.

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