Nashville airport takes steps to keep travelers healthy

Nashville airport takes steps to keep travelers healthy (Image 1)

As flu season is about to collide with a busy travel season, the Nashville International Airport is taking steps to help keep travelers healthy.

In an effort to decrease the spread of germs, airport officials said hand sanitizer stations have been placed just beyond security.

There's also an on-site health clinic with a doctor and nurse who are able to diagnose and treat some illnesses.

“If you need to get a prescription or see a nurse or a physician, Care Here Medical Clinic is located at the head of the C Concourse.  It's very convenient for travelers,” said Emily Richard with BNA.

BNA is also providing travelers with disposable footies for travelers going through security.

“If you don't want to go barefooted or sock footed through security screening you can take advantage of free footies at the stands before you enter the lines,” Richards said.

Nashville's News 2 spoke with Vanderbilt infectious disease specialist Dr. William Shaffner who said there is little risk to picking up foot borne diseases going through security.

“There's been a bit of concern with going through security taking off our shoes and going through in stocking feet,” he said, adding, ” I actually haven't heard of any infections that are acquired that way, but some people are sensitive and they want to be clean.”

During recent renovations, BNA kept in mind that thousands of travelers fly through the airport from around the country and world.  

Their goal was safety, comfort and health in all areas of the airport, including the restrooms.   

“Everything is automated from automated soap dispensers and faucets and hand dryers to automated flush valves.  You don't have to touch anything in our restrooms,” Richards explained.  

Dr. Shaffner said while airports create the perfect storm for bacteria, the flu virus can easily be prevented by using hand sanitizer and receiving a flu vaccination.

The flu shot is already being offered in Middle Tennessee.

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