Mt. Juliet police apply graphics to new cars to save money

Mt. Juliet police apply graphics to new cars to save money (Image 1)

In an effort to stretch their budget dollars, the Mt. Juliet Police Department is applying graphics themselves to their new police vehicles.

“We went through different troubles with various sign companies and who would put the graphics on and it would always look different, but we noticed it was always very expensive,” Sgt. Tyler Chandler told Nashville's News 2.

Normally the process to place the graphics on a vehicle costs about $800 per car.

However, several officers have volunteered their own spare time to tackle this tedious project.

The department will save $4,500 by applying the graphics to their nine new vehicles.

“We put our heart into it I guess because we care about our department and we care about the image of how the police car looks and we want it to look professional and we know if we do it, it will look to our standards,” said Sgt. Chandler.

The money saved will be used to add an additional siren system which will make it easier for vehicles on the road to hear.

“We put the ‘Howler' system on our police cars which is a louder, deeper sound so instead of a high pitch siren you would normally hear, you would still have that plus this low deep base,” Sgt. Chandler said, “It helps drivers feel if a police car is behind them or approaching an intersection which makes it 10 times safer.”

The Mt. Juliet Police Department recently switched from Crown Victoria police cars when they were discontinued.

They are now using the Dodge Charger, which gets better gas mileage than the previous cars.

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