Biddle’s Beat: Wed. August 22, 2012

Your assignment, Mr. Locker, if you choose to accept it:

Sept. 9 New England, LP Field. Average points per game allowed last season, 21.4 (15th in NFL).

Sept. 16 San Diego, Away. Average points per game allowed last season, 23.6 (No. 22).

Sept. 23 Detroit, LP Field. Average points per game allowed last season, 24.2 (No. 23).

Sept. 30 Houston, Away. Average points per game allowed last season, 17.4 (No. 4).

Welcome to the NFL, Mr. Locker. They will remember what you did in September.

Mission impossible? Perhaps. Or not.You will see things you won't see in these preseason games. They will have more disguises than a bank robber.

The speed of the game will be ratcheted up to a point where your brain will ache.

Where one or two secondary players in college were proficient, there was always one or two you could pick on and allow your receivers to find open spaces.

In the NFL, virtually everyone in the secondary was All-conference, All-American. Against an NFL secondary, you will have to make some throws that can fit in a mailbox.

Nobody said it was going to be easy, Mr. Locker.

But your owner, Bud Adams, is behind you. The front office that made you the eighth player picked in the 2011 draft believes in you.

Coach Mike Munchak brushed off your poor performance in your first preseason game start last week. He liked the way you handled adversity and bounced back on the practice field.

Munchak knows there will be games where how you play will determine whether the Titans win or lose. There will be some of both as you grow up under fire and learn from your mistakes.

At some point, the game will slow down for you. It varies with every quarterback. The Titans are hoping for you, it is the sooner, the better.

The franchise likes the way you can move out of the pocket and use your legs to buy time or tuck the football and make positive yardage.

Titans fans have been behind you since you were drafted. They have high expectations, but you will no longer be the crowd favorite as the backup quarterback.

These fans will give you the benefit of the doubt. They know it is going to take some time for you to become the quarterback they expect you to become.

If wide receiver Kenny Britt can get his act and health together, this could be the best group of receivers the team has had since moving to Tennessee. Nate Washington and LaVelle Hawkins had career seasons last year with Britt out most of the season with ACL surgery.

Jared Cook, a wide receiver in a tight end body, needs a break-out season. His potential is off the chart, but potential means you haven't done anything yet, or you wouldn't have potential.

Your offensive line is still a work in progress with some new faces in different places. With Munchak and offensive line coach Bruce Matthews, you will be well protected.

The jury is still out on running back Chris Johnson. Time will tell whether he gets it or not. The surprise of training camp and preseason games is Darius Reynaud. This cat can fly with the ball, catch it and return punts and kickoffs. A year ago he was out of football, having been cut by two NFL teams. He was helping his father on a garbage route in New Orleans.

Use the weapons around you, Mr. Locker. They can make you look good.

Good luck, Mr. Locker. We'll be in touch.

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