Wilson County Fair breaks attendance record

Wilson County Fair breaks attendance record (Image 1)

A church service in Fiddlers Grove was the start of the Wilson County Fair Sunday morning.

For the first time in the fair's history, the church had a speaker from the cowboy church movement.

“It's a concept that actually started out on the rodeo circuit in the southwest,” said Hale Moss, president of the Wilson County Fair Board. “It was a program that started for cowboys that were participating in rodeos.”

Shortly after the church service, hundreds of antique cars rolled in for the annual car show.

“This antique car show has become a real special attraction to the Wilson County fair,” Moss said. “Somewhere between two or three-hundred cars [will be] displayed here today.”

There are several opportunities to score bragging rights with an assortment of competitions at the Wilson County Fair.
Not only are their car shows and pig races, there are also tractor pulls, horse and goat shows and a wide range of other activities, too.

Moss said keeping the fair packed with festivities is the key to bringing in more and more people each year.

Saturday, the Wilson County Fair showed why it is the fairest of all fairs, bringing in a record crowd of over 116,000.

“We knocked them out yesterday,” Hale said, “a record breaking day at the Wilson County Fair.  The perfect combination of weather and events gave folks the opportunity to come from all over Middle Tennessee.”

The crowds should keep pouring in, too.  With a three-night concert series featuring Joe Diffie and Daily & Vincent on the books for the first time ever, it looks like it could be a record attendance year for the fair as well.

The fair runs through Saturday, August 25.

Read more at WilsonCountyFair.net.

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