Goodlettsville advances in World Series beating California 9-6

Goodlettsville advances in World Series beating California 9-6 (Image 1)

The Goodlettsville Little League team is unbeaten after two rounds in the Little League World Series.

The team defeated a team from Petaluma, California, 9-6 Sunday in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Jayson Brown drove in two runs with a two-out triple and Brock Myers followed with a two-run homer.

With the score tied 5-5, Brown lunged after a high 1-2 pitch for the clutch hit just past diving first baseman Danny Marzo down the right field line.

Myers then smacked his homer to left.  The 12-year-old shortstop raced around the basepaths in delight, arms oustretched as his happy teammates waited for him at the plate.

Tennessee's outburst overcame Petaluma's own power surge.  California slugged four homers, including Cole Tomei's blast with two outs in the bottom of the sixth.

At home in Middle Tennessee, fans packed Buffalo Wild Wings in Hendersonville to watch the game.

“I thought they did amazing.  I was so excited and I think they have a good chance to go all the way,” 11-year-old Hunter Crawford told Nashville's News 2.

“I felt so excited and proud like we've finally proved ourselves,” added Stephanie Hahn whose younger brother, Andrew Snyder, is on the team.

She continued, “It is absolutely amazing if I wear a shirt that says anything about the team just walking around Nashville everyone asks me about it and everyone is just so excited.”

The success of the team has also inspired younger players like Hunter Crawford.

He told Nashville's News 2, “I hope that I get to go there and play and be like Brock Meyers and pitch awesome.”

Goodlettsville will now play a team from San Antonio, Texas on Wednesday at 7 p.m. on ESPN.

A win there would put Goodlettsville in the U.S. championship game.

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