Family of missing mother, daughter keeps search effort alive

Family of missing mother, daughter keeps search effort alive (Image 1)

Jennifer Wix was just 21 years old when she and her then two-year-old daughter Adrianna vanished from their home outside of Cross Plains in Robertson County.

Now, eight years later, the family of the missing is putting up new signs and posters, hoping for any kind of resolution.

At the time, in March of 2004, Jennifer’s boyfriend told investigators she was very unhappy the day she went missing.

“She hadn’t even yet begun her life,” Kathy Nale, Wix’s mother, told News 2 on Saturday, Jennifer Wix’s 30th birthday.  “She didn’t know what life was about yet when she was just stopped in her tracks.”

Every year since March 25, 2004, Wix’s mother and the rest of her family have worked tirelessly to keep Jennifer’s story going.

This year, the family gathered on Wix’s birthday to remind the community to never stop looking.

“All of her birthdays and anniversary of their disappearance, those are just tough days to get through,” Nale said.

“Family and friends are posting fliers back up around the community here in Robertson County just to remind the community that the girls are still missing,” she continued.  “No, the case isn’t closed.  No, they haven’t been found.  No, we still don’t know where they’re at and we’re still looking for them.”

Anyone with information about Jennifer or Adrianna Wix is urged to call the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office or 1-800-THE-LOST.

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