Fairgoers still feel safe despite Wilson County Fair shooting

Fairgoers still feel safe despite Wilson County Fair shooting (Image 1)

The Wilson County Fair is a longstanding tradition for many Middle Tennessee families, bringing in more than 500,000 people last year.

However, as the fair's opening day came to a close Friday night, a scuffle may have led to a shooting that injured a man when a bullet grazed his back.

The shooting happened outside of the fairgrounds, just as the fair was closing.

Many of the fairgoers Saturday called it an unfortunate, isolated incident.

“I think the shooting is kind of stupid,” Walter Matlock said. “It was probably alcohol involved, and ain't no telling what started the fight really.”

“This is frustrating to know that there is always somebody out there who wants to ruin the party,” Felipe Cruz said, adding, “Everyone should get together and enjoy the especially since it just comes once a year.”

There are security signs posted at the fair entrances, as well as several officers patrolling the grounds.

The extra steps seemed to have kept things running smoothly on Saturday.

Matlock said with the extra patrol officers, there is no reason to be fearful.

“There's security everywhere,” he said.  “I feel pretty well safe in here.  I really do.”

The Wilson County Fair continues through next Saturday, August 26.

Visit WilsonCountyFair.net for complete fair details.

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