Early summer drought still affecting crops, consumers

Early summer drought still affecting crops, consumers (Image 1)

Consumers hoping to buy local products could have a hard time finding what they want at local farmer's markets.

“We're having problems with things coming in,” said Nashville Farmers' Market vendor Kimberly Brown. “It's hard to get certain things, and what is coming in, prices are fluctuating up and down, up and down.”

The products that are available will likely make your grocery bill a little bit pricier.

While the drought has affected everything from tomatoes to green beans and fruits, the main concern is corn.

Most vendors at the Nashville Farmers' Market don't even have such fruits and vegetables.

“The corn is very small,” Brown explained. “We're giving them to people.  If they buy a dozen, we're throwing the little ones in there for free.”

Officials are warning of higher prices this fall, but it's not just the grocery stores where local shoppers will notice a difference.

With the lack of crops, local vendors could pack up and leave.

“I don't see a lot of people staying this winter,” Brown said. “I see them leaving for a while and coming back in April or May.”

The drought across the U.S. has affected 88% of the country's corn crop.

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