Water restrictions lifted in Rutherford County

Water restrictions lifted in Rutherford County (Image 1)

Voluntary water restrictions in Rutherford County have been called off due to recent rains.

The restrictions were requested earlier this summer due to low water levels at both Percy Priest Lake and the Stones River.

Both water sources supply much of Rutherford County including Murfreesboro, Smyrna and La Vergne.

“The Corps [of Engineers] is working on a new method of calculating the volume available for our current contracts for withdrawals from Stones River and Percy Priest Lake,” said Bill Dunnill, general manager of the Consolidated Utility District. “There is a volume of water that is stored in there that is set aside for our water needs.”

He added, “The new method they're using to calculate these we suddenly an issue of whether we had enough in storage to meet our needs. So when the lake levels were down earlier this year they began this new method of storage accounting and telling us what portion of the reserves we had left available.”

CUD asked for the voluntary restrictions, which included asking residents to curb water use, refrain from watering lawns and using water inside the home with a drought in mind.

“It would have been the middle of July when we had those rains and we started seeing the lake fill back up, we're now above normal summer pool so those restrictions are technically gone.”

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