Sumner County parents ask for tax hike

SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Sumner County students are still on an extended summer vacation after the school board and County Commission failed to agree on a budget.

However, the school board last Thursday night came to a compromise budget that they believe the commission will agree to.

However, the debate has highlighted the property tax rate in Sumner County.  The County, when compared to surrounding counties, has some of the lowest property tax rates.  Davidson County home owners pay $3.56 per $100 of assessed value, Wilson $2.50, Williamson $2.31, and Sumner is at $2.02.

“I think that actually gives us lots of room to work with our educational funding,” says Melissa Brown, a Sumner County parent and homeowner.

Andy Spears, a Sumner County parent, agrees saying, “We should all as a community have a discussion about our tax rate and how to make it work for businesses and families and it probably needs to go up.”

Brown and Spears along with other parents have said they are willing to pay an increased tax rate if it means more money for schools, but the County Commission has been hesitant to increase the tax rate.

Commissioner Chris Hughes said, “I don’t want to increase anybody’s taxes I don’t want to do it in this economy.”

The School Board did come up with a compromise budget and the County Commission will vote on it in a special meeting Monday night at 7pm.

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