Fundraiser held for volunteer firefighter burned in accident

Fundraiser held for volunteer firefighter burned in accident (Image 1)

The Shelbyville community came together Sunday for a young volunteer firefighter badly injured earlier this year.

Dustin Rhodes, 23, received second and third degree burns over 80% of his body in July while trying to light a backyard bonfire.

“I never expected it, I never thought about it at all until it happened,” he told Nashville's News 2, adding, “I remember the fire fully engulfing me and after it was kind of sketchy.”

On Sunday in Shelbyville, friends, family, community members and strangers came together for a fundraiser to help Rhodes pay his growing medical bills.

Rhodes works at Shelbyville Lumber but is uninsured and faces a long recovery process.

“I still go through therapy. [Doctors] don't know about surgery on my feet or not yet, they're still going to wait and see if my skin will start growing back,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes' older sister Nicki planned Sunday's fundraiser and has been taking care of her brother since the accident.

“If we didn't have people supporting us he wouldn't be in the shape he is today,” Nicki Rhodes told Nashville's News 2.

Rhodes said he is thankful to be alive and grateful for the people who have helped him already.

He said, “I know a lot of people have a big heart and I thank everybody for it and I just one day I can repay it all back.”

Donations for Rhodes can be made at any First Community Bank.  For more information, call 931-575-9849.

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