New ABC show ‘Nashville’ films in town

New ABC show 'Nashville' films in town (Image 1)

The highly advertised ABC primetime series “Nashville” is currently being filmed in Music City.

“Nashville is amazing,” said Clare Bowen, an actress on the show.  “I took a cab downtown on the first day I was here and opened the door and music just fell in.  I've never seen anything like Broadway.”

The show's cast and crew told News 2 they are working hard to capture the true spirit of Music City, USA.

“I love the magic of all the people who are so talented that you just come across in everyday life,” said the show's executive producer, Callie Khouri. “You meet a waitress or a guy who looks like he just has a menial job and then they pick up the guitar and start singing and you realize they could be stars at any minute.”

Not only is the show expected to bring a lot of attention to Nashville, but filming the series is employing about 350 Tennesseans with a promise of more future work if the show is renewed.

“Nashville” debuts on ABC on October 10.

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