Murfreesboro honors 13 centenarians

Murfreesboro honors 13 centenarians (Image 1)

Thirteen centenarians were honored by the city of Murfreesboro on Thursday.

“I never thought about it,” said 101-year-old Nell Jetton. “I never dreamed of being 100.”

Some memorable events for the honorees born in 1912 include the Oreo cookie being invented and the Titanic sinking.

One-hundred-year-old Mary Soper said she has seen more than a dozen presidents take office.

“I have lived through 18 presidents,” she said. 

Soper told Nashville's News 2 the first president she ever voted for was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, when she was 21-years-old. 

“You had to be 21 [to vote then],” she recalled.

Many of the honored centenarians said their faith in God and a moral life helped them reach the century mark.

“Loving one another [has played a role too],” Jetton added.

The women were honored during Thursday's ceremony.

The county announced during the ceremony the last Thursday of July each year to be “Century Club of Rutherford County Day.”

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