Clarksville student to win car at annual ‘Pass and Go’ event

Clarksville student to win car at annual 'Pass and Go' event (Image 1)

The annual Wyatt Johnson Pass and Go event will be held in Clarksville on Saturday.

“This is the fourth year of our Pass and Go program and we are really excited because this is a reward for our Advanced Placement students,” said Montgomery-Clarksville County School System Chief Communications Officer Elise Shelton.

The event serves as a celebration honoring 359 students from seven area high schools who successfully passed an advance placement exam, which translates into college credit.

“They are hard courses but they prepare them for college and if a kid is planning to go to college they should take an AP class,” said Shelton.

The Montgomery-Clarksville County School System started the Pass and Go event to give students an extra incentive to tackle the work needed to complete AP course work and exams.

On Saturday, the 359 students will be eligible to win a new car. Each student will draw one key from a jar for every AP exam they successfully passed. Twelve of the keys will unlock a car door.

Those students will then draw from a second jar of 12 keys.

One of those keys will be the winning key and will start the car.

The winner will be able to choose between three cars including a Toyota Yaris, a Hyundai Accent or a Mazda 2.

Students will also have a chance to win one of 14 laptop computers sponsored by Premier Medical plus plenty of other door prizes and gifts.

Registration for Saturday's event begins at 4 p.m. at the Wyatt Johnson dealership located at 2425 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard.

The Pass and Go event has successfully raised the number of students who take and pass the AP exams.

During the 2007-2008 school year before CMCSS started the Pass and Go event, 883 exams were taken with a 34% pass rate.

The 2011-2012 school year saw 1,057 exams taken with a 47% pass rate.

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