Building, business boom brings jobs to Nashville

Building, business boom brings jobs to Nashville (Image 1)

Nashville is seeing a building and business boom in spite of negative economic news.

Throughout the city large construction cranes are dominating the skyline as hotels, restaurants and new businesses prepare to open.  

The construction and opening of new business means one thing in the Nashville economy, jobs.

“The indicators that we use are architects.  Architects are really busy,” said Don Hardin of the Don Hardin Group.

Hardin's company is a construction consulting and project management firm.

He told Nashville's News 2 project managers and builders are competing for the attention of architects.

According to Harding, business is booming.

“The condo market kind of slowed down, but everybody is going to apartments and they're all over the place and restaurants are opening up.”

Michelle Lacewell with the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce said Nashville is being recognized nationally for its economy.

“Forbes just recently ranked Nashville as the seventh highest city for job growth,” she said.

Some in the building and construction industry say the Music City Center was the beginning and the domino effect began with new projects around town.

Hardin said he believes construction sites equal jobs, but even outside of his business, he's seeing an economic climate change in Nashville.

“They're spending money in restaurants, friends are traveling,” he noted.

The Federal government agrees with the economic state of Nashville.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said the Music City is the fifth fastest growing job market in the country.

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