Back to school shopping spree provides supplies to kids in need

Back to school shopping spree provides supplies to kids in need (Image 1)

The Salvation Army and Target teamed up on Wednesday to provide school supplies to 25 Nashville students.

Each of the 25 school-aged recipients received an $80 gift card to the retailer, as well as a supply list from their school.

“I am thankful,” student Tasha Littlepage told Nashville's News 2.

Each of the participants was paired up with a volunteer chaperon to ensure the children were spending their money wisely.

“My little buddy here got everything she needs.  We got her shoes and shorts,” volunteer Megan Jacobs said. “We've had a fun time adding everything up and making sure she got everything she needs.”

Officials from the Salvation Army and Target said Wednesday's back to school shopping spree serves as an effort to make sure local students in need are looking forward to returning to school.

“They are able to go with some more joy and anticipation of a good day because they have the proper uniform and they have the supplies that they need like the other kids,” Lt. Col. Charles White with the Salvation Army said.

The Target Back to School Shopping Spree is a program that benefits 12,000 students nationwide.

Metro students return to school on Wednesday, August 1.

For more information on the Salvation Army, visit their Web site.

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