Sinkhole swallows car at Dickson hotel

Sinkhole swallows car at Dickson hotel (Image 1)
Sinkhole swallows car at Dickson hotel (Image 1)

A sinkhole opened up in the parking lot of a Dickson hotel early Friday morning, swallowing a car parked nearby.

The sinkhole is located outside the Hampton Inn located at 1080 East Christi Drive.

The owner of the car is from Arkansas and was traveling to Nashville for a meeting.

She declined an on camera interview.

The Nissan Maxima suffered scratches and a dent in the rear bumper but was drivable. By noon she had driven away to her meeting.

An employee of the hotel was alerted by a guest at 6am and the hotel quickly had a crane on the scene to pull the car out of the hole.

Cars parked nearby were moved. The hotel manager told Nashville's News he has contacted a civil engineer who'll determine how large sinkhole is and what the hotel can do about it.

No injuries were reported.

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