Tax-free holiday falls after first day for many schools

Tax-free holiday falls after first day for many schools (Image 1)

Middle Tennessee parents are already gearing up for the school year and many will be buying supplies without the help of the tax-free weekend.

With the new balanced calendar, Metro students will hit the books on August 1, two days before the state's tax-free holiday begins.

By law, the sales tax holiday falls on the first weekend of August every year.

It's a three-day sales tax break on clothing and school supplies under $100 and computers under $1,500.

Since it began in 2006, Tennesseans have saved an estimated $8 to $10 million each year.

“I think it's huge because any amount of money you can save is beneficial to parents,” second grade teacher Christie Wimberley said, adding, “I mean you have a huge list of school supplies, and all of those supplies are needed.”

She continued, “[There is] not anything that isn't used throughout the year.  In fact, we almost run out of school supplies.”

This year, some parents may be forced to spend the extra money.

“I think [there are] parents out there that feel like they get behind the eight ball if they don't send their child to school on the first day with their school supplies so they go ahead and do it,” Wimberley added.

In order to change the dates of the sales tax holiday, state legislators will have to amend the law.

Other counties in Middle Tennessee also head back to school before the tax holiday including schools in Dickson, Giles, Maury, Wilson, Coffee, Franklin and Putnam counties.

When does your district return to the classroom? Click here for the complete list.

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