Security at London Olympic Games raises questions

Security at London Olympic Games raises questions (Image 1)

After discovering a gaping hole in the security shield they are counting on in London to prevent a terrorist attack at the Olympics Games, London pledged the games will be safe.

With the games under two weeks away, several people on a terror watch list were reportedly waved right through airport border controls.

London is a city already on edge ahead of the Olympic Games and for all the preparation big holes could remain in the country's first line of defense.

According to The Observer newspaper, inexperienced officers were blamed for repeatedly failing to catch the suspects that got through immigration.

With half a million people expected to attend the games, British immigration brought in new recruits who were under pressure to shorten notoriously long lines.

Last week, a government audit said many of those new recruits are not asking enough questions.

John Vine, the chief inspector for borders and immigration explained, “The agency has to ensure it has enough staff really on duty at the times that matter during the Olympic period, but most importantly ensure that proper checks are carried out.”

Security was ramped up around Britain. Officials planted missile batteries atop apartments, Navy ships in Thames River, and thousands of soldiers and sniffer dogs are guarding the stadiums. That is the largest British military deployment since World War II.

United States officials are among those worried.

ABC news' Brian Ross reported that during the games, federal air marshals will be on board nearly every flight from the U.S. to Europe and the Middle East.

British Authorities did not immediately comment on the report from The Observer.

They've pledged the games will be safe, but the shortfall raises some scary questions just under two weeks before the opening ceremony.

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