Local entrepreneur’s invention gains advertisers’ attention

Local entrepreneur's invention gains advertisers' attention (Image 1)

A common problem that needed a solution was solved by a local realtor turned entrepreneur.

Gwen Burlew invented a small plastic clip, called the Keyzee, which makes it easier to put keys on a ring.

“I became a realtor and I started collecting all these keys and I tried to carry them around on my key ring. I have terrible nails and I could never get the keys off or on the key ring,” she explained.  

Burlew told Nashville's News 2 she resorted to carrying around a steak knife in her car to easily add or remove keys to her key chain.   

“When somebody would give me a key, I would go out to my car, stick the steak knife point in there and add the key to my key ring,” she said.

In an effort to seek a better solution, Burlew commissioned a local jeweler to design a tool for her to use on her key ring.

Burlew had three plastic molds created until finding a design which worked like she wanted.

The result is a simple to use plastic clip called the Keyzee.  

Burlew has since taken her design to the Eagle Manufacturing Company.  

“When I saw it I knew that it was a perfect item for the ad specialty market so we went to work in developing the use of the Keyzee as an advertising product,” she said.

Pam Smith is the Marketing Director for the Eagle Manufacturing Company. She told Nashville's News 2 her company first unveiled the Keyzee during an advertising trade show in January.

“It created such a buzz,” said Smith.

Currently the Keyzee is only available as a bulk purchase item for companies to put their name on and distribute, however Burlew and Eagle Manufacturing are working on developing packaging to sell the Keyzee to retailers.

“I'd like to see it hanging at Lowe's and Home Depot and every place where they make keys,” Burlew said.

Click here for more information on the Keyzee or call Eagle Manufacturing Company at 615-244-3366.

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