Nashville man catches 4-foot rattlesnake with bare hands

Nashville man catches 4-foot rattlesnake with bare hands (Image 1)

A four-foot rattlesnake is in quarantine after a Nashville man caught it with his bare hands.

Jody Jones told Nashville's News 2 he has been around snakes his whole life and didn't hesitate when it came time to catch the critter.

The snake was found slithering behind an outbuilding on his property off Cleeces Ferry Road in the Bells Bend area of west Nashville.

“I caught him [and] put him in an aquarium so none of the kids could get bit by him,” the 42-year-old said.

He continued, “I pinned his head down and grabbed him behind the head.  I pinned his head down with a stick.  He was pretty mean.”

It's illegal in Tennessee to possess a wild animal the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency considers Class I wildlife, such as a rattlesnake, so Jones voluntarily surrendered the reptile.

“There are plenty of rattlesnakes behind every back yard. They are pretty common,” TWRA officer Matt Brian said, adding that Jones would not be charged.

“It is a Class A misdemeanor to have a rattle snake but if the individual shows no signs of wanting to keep it and voluntarily will give it to us, it is not a problem,” Brian said.

The rattler was taken to the Nashville Zoo where it is being held in quarantine.

When it is released by the TWRA, zoo officials will reach out to other zoos around the country to find the best place for it.

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