2 newborn goats found in dumpster in Columbia

Two newborn goats were found alive in a dumpster in Columbia on Thursday.

The animals were discovered just after 4 p.m. outside the Lightning Lube automotive shop when an employee was taking out the trash.

The employee said he heard “screams or crying” coming from the dumpster and found the two goats wrapped up in a burlap feed bag.

The animals were alive when the police arrived; however, they died shortly after despite efforts to sustain them.

Columbia police said an early model Chevrolet Z71 with two large white tanks in the bed was seen near the scene during the time the goats were found.

Police added a white male wearing a cowboy hat was driving the vehicle.

The color of the vehicle was unknown.

Police urge anyone with information about the incident to contact Crime Stoppers at 931-381-4900.

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