Bell Buckle residents file lawsuit over water quality

Bell Buckle residents file lawsuit over water quality (Image 1)

Two Bell Buckle residents filed a lawsuit in Bedford County against the town of Bell Buckle, the Bell Buckle Water System and the Bell Buckle Water and Sewer Department on Wednesday over the town's water quality.

“Sometimes it has a smell, but mostly it's dirty, muddy looking,” Bell Buckle resident Brooke Sanders told Nashville's News 2. “It could be horrible where you can't use it.  You can't cook with it, you don't want to wash clothes in it and you definitely don't want to take a shower in it.”

According to court documents, residents also have ongoing issues with the water pressure.

“We're below the state legal limit on the pressure,” said Sanders, “The legal limit is 21 pounds, and we do good to have 20 [pounds].”

The complaint also claims that residents living outside of town limits have been over charged for their water compared to those living within town limits.

Sanders added, “They [Bell Buckle Water System] say it costs more to get the water out here but the lines on the outside of the city limits were donated by the customers.”

Residents said they have attended meetings to discuss this issue, started petitions and have even asked for the city's help.

Sanders said after nearly two years of water issues, those efforts have not gotten residents anywhere.

Mitchell & Mitchell attorney Jay Jackson told Nashville's News 2 that his clients hope the lawsuit will help fix these problems.

“Ultimately what we expect is the town of Bell Buckle to step up, figure out what's causing these water problems and to fix them,” he said.

Jackson believes there are dozens more who could be added to a class action lawsuit.

Calls and emails to the Bell Buckle Water System were not returned on Wednesday afternoon.

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