TDOT responds to employees sleeping on the job allegations

TDOT responds to employees sleeping on the job allegations (Image 1)

The Tennessee Department of Transportation is considering policy changes after pictures surfaced of five state employees allegedly sleeping on the job.

The eight photographs were taken inside a downtown office building and were recently sent to area media outlets, as well as select politicians and state officials.

Along with the pictures captured by an anonymous person was a statement that read, “Inside TDOT, selected state employees are routinely allowed to sleep on the job. Despite repeated requests, absolutely nothing has been done by Human Resources or management to stop this abuse of tax payer dollars.”

Nashville's News 2 spoke with TDOT spokesperson BJ Doughty who said officials in the Polk Building consider the matter in the process of being taken care of.

“We do not want people sleeping during work hours, however we don't specify what people can do on their lunch breaks or if it's after regular business hours,” Doughty said.  

She continued, “I think maybe what you could phrase this is, is an oral warning.  Without proof, there can't be some harsh disciplinary action, but we do want these employees to know that these photographs have come to us.”

Nashville's News 2 called the five employees in the pictures. Two of the workers claimed medication made them drowsy.

Another woman said she was on a work break and believes the photos are from a disgruntled employee.

“Because I have put up with a lot of c@!p from someone who's, I don't know what they're trying to do,” the unidentified woman said.

One man defended himself against the accusation and said, “I looked at the photograph. I got my back looking at the computer screen and like I said, I don't sleep on the job.”

TDOT officials said they are going to continue to review their policy.

Among the possible changes considered, are placing signs outside an employee's cubicle or on the back of a chair stating that the employee is on a lunch or work break.

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