Truckload of lettuce dumped in south Nashville

Truckload of lettuce dumped in south Nashville (Image 1)

The state is looking into who illegally dumped a truckload of lettuce that littered a south Nashville neighborhood over the weekend.

Workers at Door Tech in the warehouse area of the Chestnut Hill neighborhood found dozens of boxes full of the leafy greens on their property when they arrived at work Monday.

“It's a big mess to clean up,” said Door Tech executive Scott Park as he figured out what to do with it.

More boxes with the lettuce spilling out of orange bags littered a 100-yard stretch along Hart Street.

“Everybody feels that the neighborhood is being treated like a garbage dump,” said Sandy Herder, who lives nearby.

She continued, “We get mattresses, tires, electronic stuff, assorted garbage that people do no want to pay to dispose of.”

At least two units from Metro police showed up to investigate after Chestnut Hill resident John Munn called them.

“I am incensed and I think these people should be punished to the amount allowed by law,” an agitated Munn told Nashville's News 2.

He also peeled off shipping labels from the lettuce bags to help investigators.
A spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation said it's looking into the matter.

Names of a California company and numerous shipping labels were on the lettuce boxes.

“I am going to try and find something, or the trucking company that had this lettuce in their shipment,” said Door Tech's Parker who brought out a front load tractor and several workers to clean up the lettuce piles.

Two dump trucks and half dozen workers from Metro Public Works showed up just before Noon to dispose of the lettuce, which was starting to emit a pungent odor.

Neighborhood resident Munn just shook his head at all the lettuce going to waste.

“Well it's not sellable, but someone could have taken it to a soup kitchen,” he said about the person who dumped the lettuce.

Metro Public Works said it would dispose of the lettuce in a nearby landfill.

“We have picked up a lot of stuff, but never seen lettuce dumped like this,” one Metro worker told Nashville's News 2.

A spokesman for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation told said they are looking into the matter, but the state constitution allows for only a $50 fine.

A spokesman for Metro Police indicated the Metro Codes department would likely look into the illegal dumping of the lettuce.

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