White Bluff police chief’s son injured in swimming accident

White Bluff police chief's son injured in swimming accident (Image 1)

The 17-year-old son of the chief of the police in White Bluff, Dickson County is hospitalized following a swimming pool accident on the Fourth of July.

According to The Dickson Herald, Caleb Holman is at Vanderbilt University Medical Center undergoing a body cooling procedure in an attempt to limit brain damage after he suffered a neck injury Wednesday afternoon.

White Bluff Police Chief Mike Holman was on duty Wednesday and was one of the first responders to the swimming pool at the home on Joslin Branch Road.

“We know that he has a neck injury.  At this point, that's all we know,” the chief told the paper, adding, “It was not until we got on the scene that I realized it was my son.”

Chief Holman said Caleb was at a friend's grandparents' house swimming.

He was first taken to the Horizon Medical Center emergency room before later being transported to Vanderbilt where staff will continue the specialized cooling procedure until Thursday night.

According to Vanderbilt's Web site, the procedure can reduce the death of brain cells and slow down brain damage caused by lack of oxygen.

After he is warmed, Caleb will undergo a MRI to check for spinal cord injuries, the paper reported on its Web site.

*The Dickson Herald contributed to this report.

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