Hendersonville receives 9/11 memorial

Hendersonville receives 9/11 memorial (Image 1)

A four foot steel beam from one of the World Trade Center towers is on a permanent display outside of Fire Station No. 2 in Hendersonville.

The city previously asked for the beam more than three years ago and underwent an 18 month process consisting of applications and interviews before being awarded the beam

“We want people to come here, we built this design so you can put your hands here on history,” Hendersonville Fire Chief Jamie Steele said.

Workers with the City Road Department and Public Works helped build the rock pedestal the beam sits on, while firefighters placed landscaping around it.

Steele said they plan to add spotlights to the display before the official ceremony later this year.  

“You'll notice on this side how jagged it is”, Steele said while pointing to one end of the beam. “That was a cut with a torch and it was done haphazardly. Was that part of the rescue? Was that part of the recovery? That brings up more questions, what role did this play in the collapse of the world towers. How many brother firefighters were around that?”

Steele said those questions will remain unanswered.

“Three hundred and forty three firefighter brothers died that day, thousands of civilians and that's a part of American history.”

An official ceremony dedicating the beam will be held in upcoming months.

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