Residents beat heat at Metro cooling stations

Residents beat heat at Metro cooling stations (Image 1)

Despite the triple digit temperatures and record breaking temperatures this weekend, some Tennesseans still enjoyed time outside.

“If you keep cooled down take little breaks, it's [the heat] not bad at all,” bicyclist Bill Halbert told Nashville's News 2.

However, others, Like Michael Williams opted to stay indoors.

Williams took advantage of one of the cooling stations set up at the Centennial Sportsplex by Metro Nashville.

“Yesterday I came and today I found out they were going to open, so I came today,” said Williams.

Metro Nashville has designated several community centers, regional centers, golf course club houses and the Nashville Farmer's Market as cooling stations for residents to beat the heat.

The cooling stations will remain open during regular business hours at most locations.

The Salvation Army spent the past few days distributing bottled water under the Jefferson Street Bridge.

Anyone in need of water could stop by.

Volunteer Ron Harmon told Nashville's News 2, “We've been coming down here handing out water anytime the temperature is over a 100 degrees.”

Harmon said the Salvation Army will distribute water under the bridge on any day that is above 100 degrees.

Visit for complete information.

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