Record afternoon heat, but also, record overnight warmth

Record afternoon heat, but also, record overnight warmth (Image 1)

Lost in the shuffle of our amazing stretch of record-breaking high temperatures? The fact that we've also broken some records while you slept.

Nashville set a record high on Thursday (105°) and an all-time record high on Friday (109°). It remained uncomfortably warm Friday night into Saturday morning, as temperatures never fell below 80°. That marked a new “maximum minimum” temperature. 

These unusually warm nights mean that most air conditioners didn't get a break at all this past weekend.

After setting another record high on Saturday (107°), temperatures never cooled below 81° that night into Sunday morning. That shattered the “maximum minimum” record temperature of 77°, set in 1993.

Temperatures are expected to return to near the triple-digit mark this Monday afternoon. My forecast is for 100°, and the record is 101° from 1926. Isolated thundershowers are possible today, with about a 10% chance of rain in any one particular spot across the Mid-South.

Tonight, I think Nashville will drop to 78°, but not until well after midnight. The record “maximum minimum” temperature actually is 78° (from 1897) so we may put another dash in the history books by the time you wake up Tuesday morning. The past few days will likely live on in the record books (for both daytime and nighttime) for years to come!

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