Mid-State man arrested for 15th DUI

Mid-State man arrested for 15th DUI (Image 1)

A Mid-State man remains jailed after receiving his fifteenth DUI charge in 30 years.

Kerry Meadows was first arrested for driving under the influence in 1979. He was most recently taken into custody on Friday after officers spotted him driving on Gallatin Pike.

Authorities told Nashville's News 2 Investigates the 51-year-old man's license has been revoked since 1985.

According to authorities, Meadows smelled of alcohol and his speech was slurred at the time of his arrest.   

The officer reported the 51-year-old man admitted to drinking one mixed drink before being stopped.

A police affidavit indicated Meadows refused a breath test when he was stopped.

He was transported to an area jail where he remains on a $40,000 bond for his latest charge.

At the time of his arrest on Friday, authorities said Meadows was free on probation from a 2011 conviction out of Goodlettsville where he was charged with habitual driving offenses and sentenced to two years at the Sumner County Jail.

According to Assistant D.A. Bryna Gant, Meadows was given the stiffest penalty available.

“Meadows pleaded guilty October 6, 2011 to driving after being a habitual traffic offender. He was sentenced to serve two years at 30%. I gave him the maximum sentence,” Gant said.  “Once I sentence him, it's out of my hands and up to board of probation and parole. Our jail can only keep a T.D.O.C. prisoner as long as TDOC tells them to keep him.”

Nashville attorney David Raybin also reviewed Meadow's extensive criminal history.

“This person has a profound alcohol problem, but we shouldn't have to suffer the consequence of this of someone who has been driving around like this for 30 years,” he said.
He continued, “The law really doesn't have a long term remedy, 10 or 20 years for someone who drives for decades without a driver's license and who has umpteen DUIs. A guy like this is probably eligible for six years of prison given his record of habitual motor vehicle driver convictions.”

Officials with the Department of Corrections told Nashville's News 2 Investigates despite the previous charges, Meadows has never spent time in a penitentiary, but has done time in a number of local jails including Robertson, Sevier and Sumner counties.

Meadows is due in Metro court on Tuesday.

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