Annual Hendersonville fireworks show to go on as scheduled

Hendersonville's Freedom Festival and Fireworks show will go on as planned Tuesday night, despite dry weather that has led to several grass fires in recent days.

Fire chief Jamie Steele told Nashville's News 2, he expects the program to go without any trouble.

“We are going to have some extra personnel up there, as much for the heat factor of our citizens, you know going around in case of heat stroke or heat exhaustion as much about that as the fire conditions,” he said.

Dave LeMarbre, director of Hendersonville's Parks and Recreation Department added they are taking all precautions to keep the city's largest event safe.

“I'm more worried about the heat and the crowd because with eight or 10,000 people in this area that we're talking about, the heat at least 100 degrees or better, I'm more concerned with the crowd and some of the elderly people that come out that aren't used to this heat,” LeMabre said.

The festival and fireworks show are held at Drakes Creek Park and city crews have been mowing the grass close in preparation of the show.

“So if we do have a spark or anything like that, the grass is not going to ignite like it would if it were a foot high,” LeMarbre explained, adding, “With the lake on three sides around us and the creek, the chance of something happening is very, very minimal and we're taking every precaution to take care of that.”

In previous years two communities have gotten permission for their own fireworks show, but not this year.

The city will only allow professional pyrotechnics companies to shoot fireworks without receiving a citation and fine.

“They have to make applications with the city. The police chief, the mayor [and] the fire chief all have to sign on that. They have to be licensed, bonded professionals to shoot those off,” LeMarbre said.

Hendersonville police issued a community warning that it will aggressively enforce the city's ban on fireworks during the July 4th holiday.

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