Clarksville issues mandatory water restrictions

Clarksville issues mandatory water restrictions (Image 1)

The city of Clarksville has implemented a mandatory water restriction for residents.

Clarksville City and Gas made the decision to issue Stage II of its drought management plan after voluntary water restrictions were not enough to curb usage.
Stage II of the drought management plan affects all costumers in the Clarksville Water Distribution System. 

Residents are prohibited from activities such washing vehicles and using water in recreational ways.

“We estimate about eight million gallons per day is being used just for irrigating lawns, kids running in sprinklers and car washing,” Clarksville Gas and Water general manager Pat Hickey said.

Officials have put an irrigation schedule in place that allows residents to water their lawns twice a week during non-peak hours.

The restriction will remain in effect until necessary water levels are reached.

“We need some rain, but we feel from a capacity standpoint, we don't think it will be a prolonged restriction,” Hickey said.

Other Mid-State cities, including Murfreesboro, La Vergne, Smyrna and Franklin, have also issued voluntary water restrictions.

The city of Brentwood has not enforced mandatory water conservation however they have asked water customer to turn off automated irrigation systems.

Residents under the restrictions are asked to refrain from washing vehicles, watering yards and using water for other unnecessary activities.

Officials said the voluntary restrictions are in place to help keep the city's water supply stable.

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