Drought conditions good for well digging business

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – When drought conditions grip the mid state and water utilities begin placing restrictions on water usage many folks chose to install wells in order to irrigate yards and gardens.

“People get to panicking and get scared then they want you to come and drill them a well to water the yard. Everybody wants green yard,” said Freddie Lancaster.

Lancaster has been digging wells for 40 years and works for Henry Drilling in Franklin.

“You will see a lot of signs out in yards [that read] irrigating by well. It is good for us.”

Lancaster says contrary to popular belief, drought conditions usually do not affect the amount of water in wells which are 80 feet or deeper.  But the deeper the water is in the ground the harder a pump works to draw the water to the surface.

“When the static level is way up on the well it ain’t near as hard on a pump,” he said.

One thing is for certain, the lack of rainfall has definitely been hard on yards across Middle Tennessee.

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