Dog discovered in homeless camp reported missing by owner

Dog discovered in homeless camp reported missing by owner (Image 1)

A man who was formerly staying at a homeless camp in the Nashville area reported to animal control his dog was missing on Thursday morning.

Earlier this month, Nashville's News 2 Investigates took viewers inside a homeless camp located off of Dickerson Road in north Nashville.

At the makeshift camp there were items such as tarps, garbage and debris scattered throughout the secluded, wooded private property.

Also at the camp, Nashville's News 2 Investigates discovered Leo, a pit bull mix that was being kept behind a chain link fence.

Metro Animal Control recently visited the camp and determined the canine was well cared for and was up-to-date on all of his vaccinations.

On Wednesday, Metro Codes stepped in and cleared out the homeless camp, calling it a violation.

The trash, debris and other items littering the property were cleaned up, while Leo was confiscated and placed in the care of Metro's animal control.

Leo's owner paid a $50 fee and regained custody of the dog on Wednesday night, however on Thursday morning, Metro Animal Control Officer Billy Briggs received a phone call from the dog's owner asking if he had been re-confiscated.

“I talked to him today and his dog is missing. He thought we came and picked his dog back up, we did not,” Briggs said.  

He continued, “Leo got loose. Leo is running the streets somewhere, not sure where. I am pretty concerned; Leo is liable to bite you. He is not fluffy.”

Briggs said he advises anyone who sees the canine to stay clear and immediately call Metro Animal Control at 615-862-7928.

Nashville's News 2 Investigates spoke to Leo's owner by phone on Thursday afternoon.

He said he is currently working at a job making minimum wage, however he did disclose where he and the dog stayed last night or how Leo could have gotten loose.

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