Women charged in Clarksville prostitution sting

Women charged in Clarksville prostitution sting (Image 1)

An undercover prostitution sting has led to the arrests of two women in Clarksville and the identification of three others allegedly involved.

The police department's special operations unit conducted the sting after receiving several tips and complaints.
Agents contacted the women through the Web site Backpage.com.

Wanda Foulks, 20, and Arianna Reyes, 21, traveled from Nashville and met undercover officers at a hotel and agreed to provide sex for money. 

Clarksville police Capt. Craig Gipson says Foulks wanted $143 for the hour while Reyes reportedly asked for $250.

Capt. Gipson said Reyes admitted it was her first trick.

“The biggest point to get out is if you come to Clarksville you don't know who you might meet,” he said, adding, “This was her first trick. It went bad for her. Hopefully it will be a lesson learned and [Reyes] will move on and do different things. This just happened to be police officers, but next time it could be a serial killer whose thing is to target prostitutes. You don't know if you will wake up in your own bed or maybe not wake up at all.”

Foulks, of Washington DC, was charged with prostitution and promoting prostitution and booked into the Montgomery County jail Thursday on a $6,000 bond.

Reyes, of Clarksville, was charged Thursday with prostitution.  Her bond was set at $500.

Police said they have tentatively identified three other women involved in prostitution, but have not yet been charged.

The investigation is ongoing.

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