Opryland Hotel explosion report expected next week

Opryland Hotel explosion report expected next week (Image 1)

Metro fire officials think their investigation into Tuesday's Opryland Hotel explosion will be completed by next week.

A host of agencies and companies have been looking into an official cause of the explosion that blew out part of a hallway ceiling.

Five thousand guests were evacuated, but they were let back in after Piedmont Gas said there was no leakage detected from the energy it supplies to the facility.

Preliminary reports from the Nashville Fire Department and the hotel blame a “machinery failure isolated to one mechanical room.”

Many in a national sheriff's group who were at a convention in the hotel applauded the response.

“I think they did an exceptional job under the circumstances,” Sheriff Dave Phalen told Nashville's News 2 on Wednesday, a day following the explosion.

“I don't have any complaint with them, and the people affected were all very nice,” he added.

The images from the explosion are not what a hotel known worldwide wants to linger, so like during a massive hotel flood two years ago, Gaylord quickly showed pictures on its Web site of repairs now underway.

The company also posted a map online indicating that only 1% of the hotel is being repaired, along with other new images that show convention business back to normal.

Gaylord says repairs should be completed in about a week with a cost no more than $750,000.

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