State to give Nashville drama $7.5 million

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Nashville film and production industry is buzzing this week.

Terrance Hurd of the Hurd Agency says, “For someone who’s worked in the industry now for 20 years and worked on every pilot that’s come in to town to finally have one that’s been picked up by a network is amazing.”

The Pilot for ABC’s newest show, Nashville, was picked up for this fall and will soon begin shooting in Music City.  The show is only guaranteed a season, but Hurd says if it’s a hit, it could have a huge impact on the City.

“I always say that Nashville’s been looking for its Dawson Creek because shows like Dawson Creek put Wilmington NC on the map; I mean Dawson Creek shot for 8 years,” says Hurd.

He’s has cast some of his talent in the upcoming show and believes more roles will become available.

Hurd says, “We’re hoping to have mostly all the small minor parts all cast in Nashville, I’m sure they’re going to bring the leads from L. A. Like they always do, but it’s great to have work for local talent.”

But he says it’s not just the actors who could benefit from several seasons of Nashville.

“Movie sets use caterers, they use barbers, they use dry cleaners, they use construction workers to build sets,” he says.

The economy could see a major boost, especially as Hollywood decision makers descend upon Nashville and discover that it’s not a bad place to work.

The State is giving the show up to $7.5 million through an incentive program for the film industry.  They say the production could employ 350 people.

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