1 injured in zip line accident at Honeysuckle Hill Farm

1 injured in zip line accident at Honeysuckle Hill Farm (Image 1)

A visitor to Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Robertson County was injured in a zip line accident on Saturday.

The guest, whose identity was not immediately released, was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

Officials said the female broke her pelvis after falling 15 feet from the zip line while tour guides were trying to lower her to the ground.  

“Honeysuckle Hill Farm is a place for groups and families to learn and have fun,” owner Jeff Alsup said in a release. “We are devastated that one of our guests was injured and are praying that she have a speedy and complete recovery.”   

Alsup told Nashville's News 2 the accident occurred after the woman stopped on the middle of the zip line and was unable to pull herself to the platform.

“We were trained to just belay them to the ground,” Alsup said, “You just let them down. You just unhook them from the cable and repel them down to the ground.”

The farm owner added the incident was not caused by equipment failure.

The zip line is the farm's newest attraction.

“We started construction last April. We opened up a couple of weeks ago,” Alsup said.

Alsup said he has made changes and plans to provide his staff with additional training before reopening his business to the public.

“We are changing our rescue methods,” Alsup said. “We are trained to lay people down. I'll never put a tour guide in that situation again. He shouldn't been asked to do that, I feel really bad for him. I feel bad everybody.”

Saturday's accident comes as a reminder to other Mid-State zip line companies, like Adventure Works in Kingston Springs, about the dangers of the sport.

“As with any sporting activity, there is always the potential that you could hurt yourself,” Jennifer Halverson, owner of Adventure Works, told Nashville's News 2. “Anything from hand injuries people getting cuts scrapes burns on their hands and there have certainly been a few deaths out in the world.  I think it's been predominantly been people hitting something at the end of their zip tour.”

To cut down on injuries, Adventure Works performs thorough inspections of their cables and equipment every day before the park opens.

In addition, all Adventure Works' equipment has a back up system and participates are accompanied by a trained guide on each zip line tour.

Halverson added, “As long as [zip lining is] done carefully and intentionally and you're listening, you're following the rules, you should be able to do it successfully.”

An amusement park device inspector with the Department of Labor inspected the zip lines at Honeysuckle Farm and did not find any violations.

The farm is located in Springfield, about 30 miles north of Nashville.

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