11-year-old saves 12-year-old’s life

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An 11-year-old girl helped save a 12-year-old from a near drowning at the Hickory Lake Apartments on Apache Trail in Antioch on Wednesday.

It began as a fun day of splashing around the pool.  11-year-old Jermyasha Scales was swimming in the deep end with several other kids, and she says the victim, Bineta Majhi, was swimming in 9 feet of water.

“The last I heard from her was she said, ‘look I can swim in the 9 feet.’ Then I didn’t hear any more from her,” said Scales.

Jermyasha didn’t think much of it and continued to swim, but a few minutes later she noticed the little girl was nowhere to be found.  That’s when she spotted someone at the bottom of the pool.

“I was like, ‘Is she okay?’ and they were like ‘I don’t know, I don’t know,'” said the 11-year-old.

The 12-year-old little girl was not moving nor was she coming back up to the surface.

Jermyasha said, “I didn’t think or nothing. All I was thinking of was get the little girl out of the water.  So that’s when I went all the way to the bottom and I kind of put her on my shoulder almost and I got her up, I tried my best.  She was a little heavy but I got her up on the concrete.”

Standing by was Lani Santana’s father.

She said, “He actually pulled her out and another lady pulled her out and the lady was doing CPR to her.”

“The self taught swimmer says she’d like to meet the little girl she help save, and maybe plan a little indoor fun like a slumber party when she gets out of the hospital.

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