Daycare center undergoes makeover with help from community

Daycare center undergoes makeover with help from community (Image 1)

A 40-year-old day care facility in Tullahoma is undergoing major renovations with the help of volunteers.

The Tullahoma Day Care is one of the oldest businesses in the city and provides childcare for children ages two to five for only $80 a week.  

“We try to have these kids ready to go to public school. We were Pre-K before Pre-K got to be Pre-K,” explained Director Louie Baldwin. “Our goal is to work with these parents that want to work.”

Baldwin told Nashville's News 2 he has been the director of Tullahoma Day Care for 45 years.

“My staff has been with me about 30 years on average. So we have been a family for a long time,” he said.

The daycare center has been located in a building owned by Trinity Lutheran Church since 1972.

An agreement with the church has allowed the center to lease the building for $1 a year for 99 years, however after 40 years in the same building it was time for some upgrades.

“We came in with volunteers and gutted the building and took it down to the studs,” said Trinity Lutheran's Pastor Alex Hoffner.

The upgrades to the building include additional windows, new flooring and upgraded electrical wiring. The improvements will also make the building more energy efficient.  

“With the new insulation and the new duct work and everything we hope it might even help them save half on their electric bill,” Pastor Hoffner told Nashville's News 2.

Tullahoma Day Care is a non profit center and has relied on many volunteers and donations to continue providing low cost child care in Tullahoma.

Trinity Lutheran Church is allowing the daycare center to use the church's gymnasium until the makeover is completed.

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