Construction continues on mosque despite judge’s ruling

Construction continues on mosque despite judge's ruling (Image 1)

After a Murfreesboro judge issued his ruling on the mosque Tuesday, many thought that meant construction had to stop, however that is not the case. 

On Thursday, days after the ruling, construction workers were still on site through it was determined the mosque's permit was not valid because of the way it was approved.

Opponents of the center said they believed the ruling meant construction would be halted immediately and have asked a judge to put it on hold.

The county has filed a proposed order objecting.

However, construction doesn't have to legally stop until the ruling takes effect, which could take some time, depending on when the judge reviews the paperwork.

Until then, Rutherford County Attorney Jim Cope said the county will not take any action to stop the work.

It's a debate that has grabbed the attention of neighbors nearby.

“I think with any permit here in Rutherford County, it should be done legal and proper, the right way whether it's a mosque, a church or a Publix,” resident Heather Ashby said.

Ashby said she, like many other residents, are closely watching to see what happens.

“I drive by everyday and we're just kind of watching it it's a different building than what we're used to seeing here,” she said.

The building is nearly complete. The goal was to have it finished for the Ramadon celebration in July.

At the speed construction crews are working, it could be finished sooner.

The county attorney told Nashville's News 2 not only will the county not tell workers to stop construction, but he said it would be inappropriate to do so.

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